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either meaning emo or prep. in no way shape or form does it mean gay or punk. it is one word, punkfaggot. not two separate ones, punk and faggot.
jacob: kyle you're such a punkfaggot.
kyle: *slits wrists*


jacob: kyle you're such a punkfaggot.
kyle: i know, like, omigod, i am.
by kaylee michelle October 07, 2006

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Someone who becomes so afriad/intimidated by an opponent that they allow themself to be stumpbroke or engage in some other form of faggotry in exchange for peace.
Friend: Prison can turn men into punk-faggots.

Me: I disagree. I think a lot of punk-faggots just happen to go to prison.
by Dahounan February 19, 2009