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Originally, jail lingo for a subservient, cuckolded inmate indebted to another for protection and in return obliged to perform favors both of a sexual nature and otherwise.
The term came to refer to the music and culture described above as young musicians and people in the late 70's and early eighties felt alienated by the incorporation of formerly anti-estaplishment hippie culture.
"Listen fish I didn't make sure Big Mink didn't shiv ya at mess for nothing. So now you better put on these pantyhose and get yo knees dirty right quick cuz you MY punk now, Betty..."
by joeneckbone August 11, 2005
An adjective that she uses for him when he cleverly jokes with her. She doesn't necessarily dislike the joke; it's her way of acknowledging his humor.
Star, "When are you free?"
Sun, "After my civ exam."
Star, ":)"
Sun, ":) You DO realize that my Civ exam was over more than an hour ago ;p."
by You Be December 15, 2010
Its Not just the way you dress, its a mind set. There are a lot of posers Just dress punk, to look "cool". But its really a way of life, the way you think and act, NOT just the way you look.
And old granny Not mowing her front lawn when the council told her to is punk
by Shelly. January 15, 2006

People who respect people who respect them. The fight for there own rights. They have great pride. They prevent chaos.

PUNK IS: the personal expression of uniqueness that comes from the experiences of growing up in touch with our human ability to reason and ask questions.
PUNK IS: a movement that serves to refute social attitudes that have been perpetuated through willful ignorance of human nature.
PUNK IS: a process of questioning and commitment to understanding that results in self-progress, and through repetition, flowers into social evolution.
PUNK IS: a belief that this world is what we make of it, truth comes from our understanding of the way things are, not from the blind adherence to prescriptions about the way things should be.
PUNK IS: the constant struggle against fear of social repercussions.
PUNK: people who fight the freedom and rights of human kind! pro nature!
by JJCGK December 24, 2005
A very wide genre of rock started in 1977 that has a sound that has infleunced countless types of music some of which including: streetpunk, oi, d-beat, crust powerviolence, pop-punk, grind, indie, emo, screamo, hardcore, deathrock, 77, uk82, glam, hair metal, speed metal, and even sludge metal.

It is a label that is largely misunderstoof by the public (despite what they may think) and so overused that obvious fallacies to what the style is (fast, loud, and hard) have become accepted. Such clearly pop acts like Hilary Duff have been labeled punk which is downright laughable.
Punk has become too wide of genre to apply to any specific type of music now. Almost any band that plays fast, loud, and hard can be called punk, although not always correctly.

The punk music label has become simply a matter of perspective, for example: a common streetpunk might say that The Casualties are a punk band, while a crust punk would simply laugh at this, and then proceed to listen to Axegrinder.
by Andrew Apocalypse July 22, 2005
Male or female who has an interest in a certain type of music which is usually very politically aware. Such bands consist of Leftover Crack, Choking Victim, F-minus, Anti-Flag, Morning Glory, The Distillers, Stiff Little Fingers, US Bombs, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones etc.
Also punks usually dress in ripped clothing and many patterned materials are symbolic of the punk revolution suchas; tartan, leopard print, zebra print and also checks.
Many people believe that punks are viscious people, but this belief is usually wrong.
Mohawks are often associated with punk music too, although not always.
"Fuck me punk music is loud and political!"
"Look at her tartan trousers"
"Thats a 2 foot mohawk, how the hell does she do that?"
by Punx'N'Shunx August 08, 2005