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Anti establishment comes in three flavors understandable extremist and poser

understandable is like real punks not the little mainstream fags they skate under bought companys they wear their denim jackets customized to the seams wearing old band tshirts as not to support the man (today the man is the dickface Wbush) and 3yr old conz and are prone to randomly raising thier middle finger up inn the air fo all to see

extremists are the guys that run around with no shirts and jeans from the 90s
they tend to have to do things HARDCORE

posers are the kids who have no idea what it truly means to be anarchist and antiestablishment
poser: DAMN THE MAN!!!! ANARCHY!!!!!!!!

actual punk: (finishes his grind) Alright mr anarchy lemme ask whad the man do to you for you to randomly be yelling antiestablishment

poser Screwed me over

actual punk how so?
poser fuck you your just a poser look at you with your no name board

actual punk well the man screwed us all over by making conformity 'cool' but your conforming to the non conformists so go be a rapper or a surfer whatevers next on the list
by stjordan June 30, 2006
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