A derrogitory slang given to persons from India. Also called East Indians Rag heads Specifically given to persons from the state of Punjab. Usually these people are crooked as the day is long. They do not bathe to often and sometimes smell like curry. The do not fight fair....they only fight in groups and are typically scared to fight if alone. Known as lower class persons with no taste. In Indian society violence against females is the norm. They do not want to embrace North America or its customs or culture. Don't like or want to learn english. Often wear turbans and look down at other races. A society that harbors criminals and has terrorists among them. Also known as: Hinjabs
Geez that taxi driver was real pundu and had a huge turban.

Man, those pundus are the scum of Canada.

I hate seeing a white girl with some dirty Pundu / Hinjab.

There are far to many pundus in Canada wrecking our country, especially in the surrounding areas of Vancouver.
by Mr. Goodthrust September 05, 2007
Top Definition
A pundu is a punjabi person
That pundu over there owns a 7/11
by punjabijerk June 17, 2006
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