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a badman who comes from the punjab except acts more like a chav or is a bit of a pretend badman.
a punchavy usually comes from the pakistani punjab as the indian punjabis are either full blown badmen or nerds. often seen hanging out with normal white chavs because the paki badmen have rejected them. often date white sluts for the pussy
punchavies (plural)
paki badman: yo, i heard that yusif pussied out da ova day when some indians came up to him wiv beef, talk about way to get rejected.
indian badman: lol, what a pussy, he's slipped rank down into a punchav!

yusif: wagwaan guys
paki badman: fuck off pussy! the badmen don't roll wiv punchavvies!
indian badman: yeah innit! *mugs yusif and runs off with paki badman*

-later on- pussy punchavy didn't know wha the fuck hit 'im!
by brindian May 15, 2011
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