1. double edged words
2. lowest form of humor
3. highest use of language
The only good pun is a bad pun.
by .NatCh April 01, 2010
Top Definition
A play on words, usually for a comic reception.
He became a math teacher due to some prime factors.
by mChicago February 09, 2005
a play on words, used alot by shakespeare.
"That dreamers often lie" the pun is that dreamers lie in bed but also lie about dreams.
by Kali' February 02, 2006
A play on words, which, when used correctly, can bring one a load of laughs and a barrel of cool.
Really Clever Kid:"Hey, you wanna hear a pun?"
Really Hot Girl:"Yeah, sure!"
Really Clever Kid: "What do you call a girl living in the Playboy Mansion of Czechoslovakia?"
Really Hot Girl: "I.D.K. What?!??!!?"
Really Clever Kid: "A checkmate!"
Really Hot Girl: "LOL!!!!!! Lets have sex..."
by Forty Two January 16, 2008
A play on words. Generally a pun takes a word that is quite understandable in context and replaces it with a homonym (same-sounding word) to create an entirely new meaning, or replaces a word with a similar-sounding one to the same effect.

A pun involving a word with two possible meanings --

Nurse, to young woman about to receive a vaccination:

"You're going to feel a little prick."

Woman: "It wouldn't be the first time."

* * *

A pun that uses a similar-sounding term to the expected one, to humorous effect --

A one-liner: "JFK's private life was so sexy they should have called his administration Cum-A-Lot."

by al-in-chgo March 13, 2010
A pun is, quite simply, a play on words. There are many types, but in general, they all utilize one word that is relevant to the subject matter at hand, but is impractical in context. If formed correctly, a pun can be humorous, and can sometimes derail any given conversation in itself.

Puns are common comedic tools in literature, conversation, blogging, and all other sorts of digital and interpersonal communication. However, they are surprisingly complicated, and the concept of what comprises a pun can be confusing. Simple puns, such as humorous rhymes (i.e., *guy sees a woman get decapitated in a movie* "Geez, she didn't need to lose her head over that."), are not unfamiliar to the average speaker, and most of us have used them since our earliest years. Complex puns, such as the use of words in actual sentence structure (for example, *daughter gets her father an Icee slushie* "Icee what you did there!") require some degree of verbal and dictional proficiency.

Some guidelines:

1. It should be clearly relevant to the topic of discussion at hand, while being unnecessary (i.e, it certainly would not be the first thing you would use).

2. It should be fairly easy to recognize; puns often use elements of cliche and popular phrasing.

3. It should be timely. The goal is to be clever, not predictable.

A good way to understand how puns work is to ponder the place of irony in humorous context.
Brock (Pokemon): "It's raining! I guess I'll use my frying pan...as a drying pan!" *holds it over head to catch the rain*

Frank: "Hey Bob, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

Bob: "Oh...hey, Frank. My dog passed away a little while ago. I found him lying under the table, struggling to breathe. The vet said he had a cardiac arrest."

Frank: "Oh, I'm sorry, man. It sounds like his last few minutes were a *heart ache*."

Bob: "God damnit, Frank, you're such an ass! Fuck you and your damn puns!"
by Dr. Dick Delaware December 24, 2011
A clever play on words, often used for comedy. The play on words often use similar sounding words or homonyms to replace words that would normally be in the sentence. Another form is when a word with a double meaning is used to relate to a different word in the sentence in two different ways. Puns tend not to be funny, and often receives light sarcastic laughter. Many people fail at making these. One specific person comes into mind...
Chinese teacher: So, HOW is life?
Chinese student: Life is HAO.
Chinese teacher: *sighs* Why must I put up with this?
James: Oh, It's pun! *high fives*
Chinese student: wooooooooow...
Chinese teacher: Detention, both of you.
by TheFaclon and J.D March 31, 2011
1. A joke, usually a play on words involving either a homonym, or a phrase that rhymes with the original quote.
2. A very, very, VERY low form of humor, and often makes everyone within a ten mile radius sigh and pinch their eyes together.

These jokes will likely get you killed, the best case scenario is that someone laughs, simply because the joke is so bad/stupid, that said person cannot help but laugh, then tell you to get the out of the room.
never tell a pun, if you want to keep anything you hold dear.
by adminkiller December 02, 2010

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