A noun used to represent a form of play-on-word that dwells on taking advantage of similar sounding words or different definitions/implications of a certain word or phrase, generally used for comic relief, or to express your own cleverness and distaste of others' sanity. Not to be confused with double entendre. A well crafted pun requires both flow of pronunciation and well-layered meanings.
My friend made a pun while waiting to get his juice refilled. Here comes the punch line.
by Robophant December 05, 2015
A clever play on words, often used for comedy. The play on words often use similar sounding words or homonyms to replace words that would normally be in the sentence. Another form is when a word with a double meaning is used to relate to a different word in the sentence in two different ways. Puns tend not to be funny, and often receives light sarcastic laughter. Many people fail at making these. One specific person comes into mind...
Chinese teacher: So, HOW is life?
Chinese student: Life is HAO.
Chinese teacher: *sighs* Why must I put up with this?
James: Oh, It's pun! *high fives*
Chinese student: wooooooooow...
Chinese teacher: Detention, both of you.
by TheFaclon and J.D March 31, 2011
Play on words for comical relief
"I'll play you a prostitune on my whoremonica."
by ChowmeinEeee July 10, 2008
1. double edged words
2. lowest form of humor
3. highest use of language
The only good pun is a bad pun.
by .NatCh April 01, 2010
Another word for the action of sexual intercourse.

Inserting object A into location B.
Nick - "Did you hear what happened to dan last night?"

Cam - "No i didn't, what happened?"

Nick - "he got mad puns"

Cam - "Im going to go pun that girls box after hes done"
by (Insert your name here please) September 02, 2010
The worst form of human communication yet.

A stupid play on words trying desperatley to be funny.
(the most stupidest pun ever)
guy 1: knock knock
me: who's there
guy 1: orange
me: orange who
guy 1: orange you glad i didn't say bannanas?
me: I had a "blast" hanging with you...
by mega millions May 25, 2009
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