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Getting boned in the pooper on Halloween.

This is derived from the Olde English word "Pumpkinitous" which is defined as: The act of being startled by a rooster, tripping and falling out of a barn window, down a ladder, and into a wagonload of pumpkins, resulting in a pumpkin stem piercing through your Dungarees and lodging in your anus.

larry: Yo B-train, where u been? we been playin' Keno all night at FoodMart wit out you.

billy: shit man, i got a mad case of pumpkinitis. u win?

larry: 12 bucks

billy: safe!
by larryDC August 18, 2006
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Soreness of the hands, wrists, arms, and/or shoulders due to the excessive making of pumpkin spice beverages
After working an 8-hour shift at the coffee shop, I had to ice my wrist due to an extreme case of pumpkinitis
by tskizzle September 19, 2014

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