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The world's 57th officially recognized language. This newly recognized language, Circa 1949, is mostly used in the North Florida and South Georgia area. A nearly uncomprehensible dialect, this language gets it's name from the founder, "Pumkin" Brown. In what sounds like someone trying to use the English language with a mouth full of marbles, Pumkinese often leaves most listeners giving up and acknowledging that they understood the sentence and or phrase spoken to them, as opposed to asking what over and over again.
Pumpkinese phrase: Yo, whata jew wit a bunch of paperswok a givayou yettaday? I ah. ah. ah. ah. ah....whodoovoodoo witta don'ta knows whur day bees.

Translation: Excuse me, Do you the location of the paperwork I gave to you yesturday? I am not sure where it is currently at.
by CrisRock November 13, 2013
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