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A cluster of overly-tanned or fake-tanned people who never leave the cluster
Check out that pumpkin patch all the way at the top of the bleachers
by jess86 May 12, 2007
A red head's pubic area.
"Put your names on these because sharing a protective cup is how you get Crabs. And trust me, you don't want to spend your Sunday afternoon picking through your pumpkin patch with a little comb."
by DanielScott2008 September 23, 2008
A place plentiful in homosexuals. Meant as an endearing term.
The Castro is a total pumpkin patch.
by iwasunabletothinkofapseudonym January 22, 2010
A small group of short obese Mexican women walking around together in ghetto areas.
You see that fat Mexican lady and her two fat kids? Yea, I call that a pumpkin patch.
by CaptainSarge April 10, 2010

The act of
(A) Obtaining a pumpkin
(B) Drilling multiple holes into the pumpkin (of various size) - perhaps carving them out
(C) Heating the pumpkin (via microwave or oven)
and then
(D) Having a large group of men attempt to patch the holes of the pumpkin with their respective penises.

Alas: A pumpkin patch.


- A gathering of males attempting to patch the holes of a carved pumpkin with their penises.
- A group of scrubs

Martin: "Yo kewlkid987 - spawn camping is prohibited on this server."
Steve: "What is this, a pumpkin patch server?"


Bill: "Hey Joe, how did you like the midnight release of the new Call of Duty?"
Joe: "At first it had some perks, but it ended up becoming the usual pumpkin patch like every other one of these midnight releases."
by NapoleonBonrhrd November 09, 2013
Term of affection and adoration used for someone who is the cutest ever. Even cuter than a pumpkin pie.
Girl 1: My boyfriend brought me a chocolate covered strawberries.

Girl 2: Oh my gosh! What a pumpkin patch!
by HK1717 June 07, 2012
make clothes for new born up to 5 year old kids
Little Billy is gonna be born in a week we should get Sarah some clothes from Pumpkin Patch as her present
by 600cm December 16, 2008
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