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an affectionate nickname
like, honeybun , tinny , lovebug
narr you're my pumpernickle :)
by tmplosl December 21, 2010
Meaning: the person you are video chatting with
is a very reliable person whom always keeps promises,
and is much cooler than you.

Yet instead of saying that sentence because your afraid,
you just say this word.
"Your such a pumpernickle, hehehe."
by leoneisapumpernickle February 15, 2009
a deleicious kind of muffin from coningham muffins!!
"Pumpernickle muffin, mmmmm delicious!"
by Austin Carrier October 25, 2006
dark sourdough molasses bread can do pumper for a nickle
I was eatin pumpernickle. Pimp comes over say U like pumpernickle? I got one U can pump for a dollar!

So I took pumpernickle to the wedge @ new port beach had a ball boa bar + frozen banana!
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
A nick name of Brian Pumper. A world Class Porn actor and part of the elite pornstars. In other word PUMPMANICKLE!
"Yo Check Out pumpernickle poundin that bitches ass nicely Dog" Blaze up that chronic Pumpanickle!SEEEEEENNN!!!
by Chris February 01, 2005
Means you got dissed or got a serious debo!
Ouch, Sarah pumpernickled you, man!

- Copyright 2003 Dang Dictionary INC.
by Dang Dictionary November 14, 2003

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