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to make something louder or stronger
We told the dj to pump it.
by Katerina Stevens May 14, 2006
Pumpitit - or to use the Latin Vrase

Pumpetteii, meaning emptiness, nothing left to give , all out of sheds :~(

I am fair Pumpit, and to make it worse my shed, appears to be shiney & leaks
by Rubis Dulis III October 29, 2003
the best black eyed peas song ever
guy 1:hey, whats your favorite black eyed peas song?

guy 2:oh, pump it, definatly
by kikolover442 September 04, 2011
aff it, broken, knackered, worn out, tired
Christ man ah fear am pumpit!
by Bart Shades October 27, 2003