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A mythical creature that has the head and torso of a puma, the horn and haunches of a unicorn, and, most importantly, the heart of a champion.

The pumacorn is ubiquitously symbolic of freedom, as no force of nature or man is said to be able to contain one.

Pumacorn encounters are most often reported occurring in mist or fog banks, where people lucky enough to experience them tell of wildly inspirational sayings whispered intensely into their ears.
Will: Did you whisper "Follow your dreams..." in my ear when we were skiing through that fog?
Chris: Na dude, it must have been a pumacorn.
by foreverfree March 15, 2010
A single woman who is not old enough to be a cougar that is involved in the swinger lifestyle that prefers to be with younger couples, males or females.
She is obviously a pumacorn, she only goes for younger couples.
by shuxclams February 25, 2011
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