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To fail, create gurgly noises, or make bad, awkward jokes. Synonym for "fail."
I made so many gurgles in Buddhist meditation today. It wasn't even funny how many peter's I pulled!

David: That's not funny.
Peter: Yes it is!
David: Stop pulling a peter.
by isignedthewrongname July 18, 2010
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creating excitement around a certain event but then later ditching those who agreed to come for no good reason
"hey wheres peter, he told us to meet him here at 9"

"fuck, he just called and said he has to play drums at a retirement home"

"god. thats the third time hes pulling a peter this month"
by ryan47 December 07, 2007
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Taking advantage of your boss being out of the office and 'working' from home.

Most likely to occur when one or more of these conditions are met (increasing likelihood if numerous conditions are met):

1. School holidays.
2. Man Utd. match the previous night.
3. Good Weather.
4. The 'electrician' has to call around.
Woman Teacher: "It's mid-term, will you 'work' from home tomorrow, pretty please?"
Man: "Of course, there's a United match on tonight; I'll pull a Peter on it!"

Lads in work: "So then, 20 quid says he'll end up pulling a Peter tomorrow"
by Castin March 12, 2010
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When Someone repeats the same phrase or idea said previously or earlier in the day.
Repeating an idea multiple times after someone has already given that idea!
Ryan: Hey lets go to McDonald's
Justin: Sounds Good I got the Munchies
Peter (Enters): Hey want to go to McDonald's
Ryan: Wow you have been pulling a peter all day today!
by Justin McNell June 05, 2007
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To not go out with your friends due to the fear of being beat physicaly by a girlfriend or wife every time your friends go to the bar, party, or anything else.
Why isn't John going to the bar with us tonight?

Oh he is pulling a Peters again.
by Roomchamp January 09, 2010
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