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1. When a person tells a very long but exciting story but "accidentally" forgets the point of his or her story at the climax, leaving his or her audience shocked and unsatisfied.

2. When a person "accidentally" drops his or her iPod in the toilet and kills it.
Person 1: I have to get a new iPod.

Person 2: Why? What happened to your old one?

Person 1: It fell in the toilet.
Person 2: Hahaha you pulled a Sarah! But don't worry, pulling a Sarah happens to everyone.
by MJ2.0 September 15, 2009
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Falling in love with a bizarre fictional character only to deeply regret it later in life
Lol, my daughter is totally pulling a sarah. This is going to be so funny in a few years.
by The Omnipotent Entity February 24, 2017
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is when you are playing pool, and you sink the 8 ball, 8 games in a row.
LMAO. They are pulling a sarah again!
by Andrew Corr April 06, 2008
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