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Turning your PS2 off or pulling the ethernet cord out when you getting destroyed in Madden Online against me.

Also known as a puller
"The loser VickisGod3 is the master of pulling the plug, he pulls when he goes down 14."
by William Chan January 08, 2004
removing a tampon and banging a chick during her monthly visit
"i had a long day at work yesterday, adn when i got home i just said screw it and pulled the plug"
by the world's greatest May 01, 2005
Brother of Breaking the Seal
The first dump you take after getting a stomach bug, after which you can't stop shitting.
"Sorry I can't hang out tonight, I just pulled the plug and- oh god I gotta go!!!"

"It was eight hours after pulling the plug and I was still shitting!"
by Cassandra Sherlock February 03, 2008