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removing a tampon and banging a chick during her monthly visit
"i had a long day at work yesterday, adn when i got home i just said screw it and pulled the plug"
by the world's greatest May 01, 2005
Brother of Breaking the Seal
The first dump you take after getting a stomach bug, after which you can't stop shitting.
"Sorry I can't hang out tonight, I just pulled the plug and- oh god I gotta go!!!"

"It was eight hours after pulling the plug and I was still shitting!"
by Cassandra Sherlock February 03, 2008
Turning your PS2 off or pulling the ethernet cord out when you getting destroyed in Madden Online against me.

Also known as a puller
"The loser VickisGod3 is the master of pulling the plug, he pulls when he goes down 14."
by William Chan January 08, 2004
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