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the act of walking around in public while pulling out your nose hairs and indiscriminately flicking them about.
Can you believe it? Ryan was pulling a Stewie in the office today, he even got one on my desk.
by lonerangeroo December 05, 2011
when you will do anything to get the money or item someonw owes you. ( like in the episode of Family Guy where Brian makes a bet, loses, and stewie beats the shit out of him to get the money Brian owes him )
"Pulling a Stewie"
your at the movies
Friend: " hey will you buy me a coke and a popcorn, i blew all my money in the arcade after i bought my ticket, i'll pay you back tomorrow at work"
You: " Sure"
the next day at work
You: " dude, wheres my money, that theater food was expensive, and i need that money for lunch"
Friend: " sorry, i have the money, but i need it for lunch, i'll pay you back tomorrow ( probly won't ) "
You beat him up to get you money

the next day to another friend
You: " dude, i totally pulled a stewie with steve yesterday after i loaned him money the day before and he said he'd pay me back the next day"
other friend: " dude sweet, i wish i could have seen you kick his ass"
by outspoken awesomeness June 14, 2009

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