the act of masturbating so hard, so frequently and with such intensity that your dick starts to bleed
Yo so last night my tv was broken
omg rly?
ya i was so bored i must i jacked off like 9 times
damn next time be carefull ur rly close to pulling a danny
by heckdannyklayman May 13, 2010
When you take a girl to the backseat of your car and proceed to cuddle n shit. You usually have the radio on either with a CD labeled "Whoopee making" or love songs playing.
Girl places head on guy's shoulder.
Guy: Want to go pull a danny?
Girl: Sure
Guy: Meet me in the backseat
Guy & Girl cuddle in the back.

Guy next day to his friends
Guy: I was pulling a danny last night when I took Girl into the back of my car
Guy 2: Awesome.
by ipandabears January 06, 2013

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