In a 2-player online console sports game when an opponent (usually losing big) quits/exits the game before it ends.
Algon was killing some guy online but he pulled in the 3rd quarter.
by CJ Connoy October 15, 2007
Top Definition
To get lucky
Greg - I pulled last night
Simon - Really?
Greg - No *hangs head in shame*
Simon - Haha! Actually, I pulled last night
Greg - Really?
Simon - No *hangs head in shame*
Greg - Remember that time you pulled Chantal?
Simon - Yes *hangs head in shame*
Greg - Hahahaha!
Simon - Remember that time YOU pulled Chantal?
Greg - Yes *hangs head in shame*
Simon - Hahahaha!
Greg - Remember that time Rowland pulled Jenny Matheson?
by Shredder May 16, 2004
An expression used when the user has undergone a slight or perhaps large benefit/gain/advantage.

Not to be confused with the traditional use of "pulled", meaning; getting with a girl. Can be used in a number of scenarios.

The word is often used in combination with the word "cheers", ie "cheers boys, pulled". Can also be used multiple times in one sentence, ie "cheers, pulled pulled".
Martin "just got a triple kill in halo!"
Carl "cheers, pulled"

John "Im getting chinese tonight, cheers pulled"
Martin "definitely a pull, that"

Carl "i really need a piss but theres no toilets free"
John "have one in my sink, cheers pulled"

Martin "hmm, theres nothing on TV....

youjizz, cheers pulled"

Adam "Some lass accepted my friend request, pulled pulled"

Dave "Got myself a new TV, its huge!! cheers"
Carl "after undergoing rigurous research into the rules off a pull i can confirm that rule 13B states, thats a pull"
Martin "Cheers"
by morganBoys August 14, 2010
To act in a certain manner; to mimic someone or something.

"I pulled Brett!" Meaning "I did an act synonymous with something that Brett would do."
"I pulled a Britney Spears!"
"You mean you got married in Vegas on the spur of the moment?"
"Yeah, crazy, eh?"
by Adam March 06, 2005
to be pulled over by a police officer
1:"yo man i got pulled last night"
2:"weak, they smell the weed?"
2:"woop woop thats the sound of the beast!!"
by guanto June 30, 2007
it meens lipsed basically but only da manz who used it r beggin it
i pulled Jermaine yestaday(meeninng i lipsed Jermaine yestaday)
by Lil Gangta Girl August 10, 2003
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