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1) something that started out good but got much worse very fast
2) something that sank
Example 1:

Alex: That mixer last night rocked!
Marina: Eh...not for me. It pulled a Titanic around the middle.

Example 2:
Kim: Oh my God, out boat has a hole in it!
Nicole: It's gonna pull a Titanic soon, I guess.

by blue eyed angel September 16, 2008
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when two people have sex in the backseat of a car and one smears their hand down the window during climax, leaving a print on the fogged up window, as Kate Winslet did in the movie Titanic.
We did it in the backseat of my car yesterday. But that bitch pulled a Titanic and now people can tell.
by HoodedStranger January 04, 2010

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