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When someone brutally and quite viciously betrays their city, country, state, team, gf/bf, etc in an unnecessarily public and boastful manner.
John suspected Erica was unfaithful, but when she pulled a Lebron and admitted it on his fb wall, it was too much for him.
by jacklerowski July 20, 2010
When a person chokes in a critical moment. Choking. Flaking. Fucking up.
Jimmy pulled a LeBron and missed the lay-up that would've tied the game.
by swagmastermonkey June 22, 2011
Dramatically acting and flailing your arms around in attempt to fake a foul.
Jim: What kind of call was that, is the ref seeing the same game that i am?
Bob: Well they only called the foul because he Pulled a Lebron
by FatArabCS January 26, 2012
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