1. to be a two-faced bitch

2. to act like a slut then deny it or pretend to be oblivious to it

Helen: okay, that dress is way too slutty for you to wear out
Georgia: oh! you really think so? i didn't even notice how short it was...

(later that night)
Georgia: Helen was bitching about my outfit just because i'm skinnier than her
Sammy: don't pull an ashley, you do look like a slut.
by dmm1994 January 05, 2012
Top Definition
1. to act in a slutty , trashy , or attention whore -ish manner

2. to change one's opinion so it's the same as whoever she is talking to; ass kisser
EX1: Oh my god, don't pull an ashley. put the beer down and stop trying to stick your hand down his pants.


gretchen: want some peanuts?
jamie: ew no i hate peanuts!
gretchen: me too, they're so gross
katherine: really? i love peanuts!
gretchen: yeah, i guess they're okay sometimes
jamie: wow, way to pull an ashley.
by iok1991 December 30, 2011
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