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puleeze or puleez is a phonetical rendering of the emphasis of the central vowel sound when saying the word "please" as shorthand for the saying please mush where there is also an emphasis on the central vowel sound of "please" which saying means give/gimme me a break which usually means i am exhausted by this oft repeated attempt to convince me (whether deliberately or otherwise) to believe a lie or act on false information or is a contemptuous manner to convey that you want to the speaker to stop the con game or the nonsense or the spiel i.e. you are not buying it i.e. believing what they are saying
- Jack - The toppling of Saddam Hussein was definitely worth all the shed blood and billions spent

Jill - Puleeze Jack ! the tens of thousands killed , maimed , orphaned , displaced , billions lost to corruption, shoddy construction, out right graft etc, destruction of priceless antiquities , internecine confessional warfare that continues to this day, training and inspiring of terrorists etc in the Iraq war all to destroy a regime that had no weapons of mass destruction and was already contained , even sadistically , by sanctions means the Iraq war as a means of toppling Saddam Hussein's regime stands as one of the grossest crimes against humanity in modern history and was definitely not worth the loss of blood and treasure.
by thrustyourhandintomyside November 18, 2010
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