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It is an adjective and it used to describe a person beyond beautiful, the next level above gorgeous, someone that even Aphrodite would envy. To a person who doesn't know the meaning of this word may think at first is that it is a vulgar word and a not nice thing to say. But they are wrong, it is actually the opposite. This word is bloody difficult to say! Only the skilled and boldest can use it very charming. When someone uses this word a shooting star falls from the sky, a phoenix is reborn and an unicorn mates.

This word originated from a man that was totally into this girl, but she has been called cute, hot, sexy, gorgeous, beautiful and even sexy. And when she hear this man call her very attractive, she compared him to the rest. The man had perseverance and refuse to give up his love to this women. He then used his litterateur skills and thought of a word that can describe his feelings one sentence. Pulchritudinous. He said it one night to the girl when she was going to bed. He said ask for the meaning of the word when you are ready. The women sat at nights thinking of the word but gave up and told the man she is ready....It touched her heart even if the word did not sound like a harmony but the meaning and what was inside the word is what it all counts.

pəl-krə-ˈtüd-nəs, -ˈtyüd-; -ˈtü-dən-əs, -ˈtyü
Colt said "Ayyye Shorty! You are ohh sooo pulchritudinous, may I ask you on a date you have never experienced"
by Neonshoes August 31, 2010
325 110
beautiful or flawless.
Genelle G. is pulchritudinous. I wish i could be her >:|
by ayeeeyyyo June 23, 2011
9 12
As if sexual climax were personified in the face of a beautiful woman.
She is so very pulchritudinous, I would like to poke her with my willy, Dr. Watson.
by God's slave on Earth March 28, 2011
8 13
Physically beautiful; comely.
Jonathon Robert Bush is pulchritudinous.
by Doe418 April 28, 2009
19 24
glorious, handsome
i see blue- he looks pulchritudinous
14 42