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the nice little clown you meet when the wod kicks your ass
I met pukie the other day after murph
by pukie da clown May 09, 2008
The act of taking a selfie whilst puking
Originated from the thrash-punk band the Vampirates
I took a pukie and sent it to your mom last night.
by MadameMort May 20, 2015
1) a female who is currently dating pookie who has too much to drink and then pukes all over pookie

2) a term of affection for a girl who drinks too much alcohol and pukes.
"Oh no, here comes pukie again!"

"Shit, pukies coming!"
by Pookester August 09, 2006
A fraternity pledge. The term comes from the fact that pledges are constantly puking due to disgusting pledging events.
"Eat this jar of mayonnaise and Crisco now, pukie"
by krau March 16, 2009
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