A member of the opposite sex, spotted from a distance, who appears to be extrememly attractive only to become more hideously ugly the closer one approaches.
Dude! Look at that honey over by the sandwich shop!
Oh no, wait... sorry, bad call - she is pugly.
by Robson Green July 08, 2004
Top Definition
someone who is pug ugly. someone who has a face like a pug (breed of dog) and is extremely ugly in personality and physical appearance. can also be used to describe someone you really dislike.
George Bush
anyone related to George Bush
anyone in George Bush's political party

"George bush is pugly"
by Ablue November 22, 2005
The pug is where the word originates from; something that is so ugly it is known as being cute. Often used to describe clothes, accessories, etc
A: Look at those shoes, they're so ugly!
B: I think they're pugly.
by ChinaPower March 06, 2007
a girl that has a face like a pug (big squished nose lots of freckles)
that girl has been hit with a pugly stick
by Miriam O\'Brian September 04, 2003
so ugly it's cute , like a pug and/or so helpless its cute
girl : hey look at that boy he's so fit
girl2; oh hell no he's pugly
by puglyismalife April 22, 2015
Pugly can be a pug's name or any type of dog .
"Amora asked what my dog name was ?"I said pugly .
via giphy
by Sky1010 April 15, 2016
When you think you're hot but you're actually not. You are a poser that's ugly. You're a Pugly.
"Damn she think she look good and she don't she so Pugly"
by Brookieet December 24, 2015
Ugly person or object which is pug ugly
Go away you pugly person!
by Cream Soldier March 26, 2008
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