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someone who has bad hair, big feet, smells, is ugly, has no friends, and is dumb. It's the ugliest thing that you could be, it is a different way to describe people that you do not like. It was created by Lois so she could use it with her friends. If you are a puggy, your life is very sad.
Lois: You're a puggy
Hina: I'm sorry, I'll take my puggy elsewhere.
by lovele January 21, 2011
Fruit machine
We went down to the casino and played a few puggys and wanked off like good little boys
by Anita August 04, 2003
a simple, kind individual as exemplified by Jason Lee's character of the same name in the movie Big Trouble (2002)
Aw, Matt is helping that old lady cross the street. He's such a puggy.
by Anita Nealy October 16, 2007
Me! A rather non-neogatiable bad looking dark kid liked by few loved by less. Listens to Cradle of Filth, Slipknot, and KoRn continously. Loves the beautiful Fuzzy with a fiery passion
Puggy fell off his board dude. That was whack.
Bad Puggy.
No Puggy.
by KoЯn FЯeak August 29, 2004