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PUHD-ling, (n.)— a sexual act, popularized in 18th Century Latvia, whereby a male expels semen into his partner's navel cavity immediately before administering a raspberry to the affected area(s).
"The Latvian whore thoughtfully picked lint out of her semen-crusted navel and harked back to last night's tricks, three of which entailed no-holds-barred puddling."
by Mtt Ss November 21, 2007
The act of peeing in your partner’s anal canal. Goes hand and hand with geysering.
last night i had a sleep boner, insted of wasting it i ramed it into her ass i gave her a puddling.
by GMFU and the ROC July 22, 2008
During sex, a woman releases a decent sized puddle unto the man and/or sheets. This is not urine.
Dammit honey, you are puddling all over me!

Need to wash these sheets again, my girlfriend puddled last night.

I'm gonna fuck you so good that I make you puddle!
by FapinaDerpina June 28, 2012
The act of washing ones parts while squatting next to a fuel pump or while squatting between parked trucks or cars. This is done by scooping water up from the ground with your hands (preferably after a rain shower).
To stay fresh, the lot lizard had to do some puddling between tricks
by SaltyWhale1 May 11, 2013
The act of premature elimination occurring up to 35 paces from a wall mounted urinal or floor mounted toilet. The act can only be defined as puddling if access to urinal or toilet is unobstructed. Premature elimination resulting from an interruption such as a cell phone call or a hallway inquiry (or altercation) is not puddling.
The first written document of puddling dates back to the Egyptian city of Alexandria, where a Mesopotamian scholar, visiting the construction site of the city’s historic library, encountered a merchant handing out honey candy samples to slave laborers. The scholar had skipped breakfast and approached the merchant for some honey candy. The merchant seemed distracted and would not give a straight answer—he focused his eyes on a hole in the ground some distance away. Quite suddenly, he handed the scholar his tray of honey candies and walked briskly towards the hole. He stopped a short distance from the hole and stood erect. After a moment, his shoulders slumped a bit and he smiled, walking confidently back to the scholar and taking back his tray of honey candy. "Have you ever puddled?" The merchant asked the scholar. "Really, you must."
by C.W. Alfonsin November 21, 2007
The act of driving through large puddles of rainwater in cars, creating massive sprays of water. Filming these acts is a common practice, as is hosting said videos on YouTube. Other common practices include spraying people nearby the puddles, spraying cars that are nearby, and driving through puddles while the passengers stick their heads out the windows.
"Dude, do you want to go puddling tonight? It's supposed to rain. Last time, we sprayed about 15 feet high."
by Robb the Casbah May 08, 2006
1. To cry about an incident that little or no impact on you personally.

Jason found Bill in his room crying about the Yankee's recent loss. "Bill, why are you puddling? It's just a game......and your 38 years old?!?"
by William Beiler October 26, 2007
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