the liquid mass, right before the beauty gass exits the pipe and destroys your lungs
I smoked many puddles before I walked in the room and said blahahlo.
by Doop master Flash November 14, 2003
Top Definition
Pants that are too long to be considered flood pants (clam diggers) but are still slightly too short for the person attempting to wear them. Stepping in puddles is a good test to see if your pants are considered puddles
"Derek, I see you've worn your puddles today, did you get dressed in the dark?"
by Design Hell! December 03, 2009
Puddle can refer to taking a large quantity of liquid LSD. Instead of the normal one or two drops, a cupped hand is filled with acid and drank by the experiencer.
I got puddled last night, and I'm still tirpping.
by DementedOne June 01, 2006
Cooked or melted Chrystal meth (JIB) on a shard or a pipe.
Hey man lets go smoke a puddle!
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
1. noun "puddle": A group of ravers, strung out on ecstasy, all piled on top of each other.

2. verb "puddling": To engage in a puddle.

3. adjective "puddled": Being thoroughly and totally absorbed by the puddle.
1. n. "There are some hot raver girls in that puddle."

2. v. "We're going to do some mad puddling tonight."

3. a. "Man, you are so puddled."
by phrawzty October 13, 2002
To consume a large amount of alcohol and/or pot, and become inebriated to the point where you just sit/lay there not doing anything.
"Shit man, you were a puddle last night"
by shooster October 28, 2005
A word that really means, "sperm pool". Something a man creates, or a really WEIRD woman makes.
Nice puddle there, Adrian.
by Myst November 15, 2004
An affectionate term given to a vagina. Insinuates that the vagina is already moist and delectable.
I would love to lap your puddle and make you cum.
by JimmiDigital January 26, 2003
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