When playing a racing game such as PGR4 with weather effects, and during racing losing traction because of running threw a puddle of water, causing you to run into a wall or spin out.
1.OMFG I was puddle fucked!!!

2.ROTFLMAO You were puddle fucked, that’s what you get for running me off the road you noob!!
by Tra1n (gamertag) December 12, 2007
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Whether you've stepped in a puddle trying to jump over it, gotten splashed by a passing car, or had to significantly adjust your walking path, you've been PUDDLEFUCKED.

Often a direct result of being puddlefucked is a wet pair of socks, causing extreme discomfort.
Kyle: "Ah, fuck...i just stepped in a puddle."
Ben: "Did your socks get wet?"
Kyle: "Yeah..."
Ben: "You just got puddlefucked."
by Ben j. k March 09, 2008

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