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a complete retard, a real knee biter
That dude Corky, from "Life Goes On", is a king amongst puddle drinkers.
by Jason Upton December 01, 2007
Someone who will stop at nothing for pleasure. You could find this type of person smoking pot during church, drinking at an AA meeting, and/or jerking off during study hall. These people don't see the big picture, and are for lack of better terms BASIC. These people are low lives and their attitude brings everyone around them down.
Nicole: Tony is such a puddle drinker.
Erin: Thought you two were happy.
Nicole: Noo, When lucy came to toxic with me the other night... ughh.
Erin: Nooo, what did he do?
Nicole: He was copping a chubby on Mandy.
Erin: Noooo, Thought she done sleeping around after she let Ernie boys run a train on her.
Nicole: Noo, and Tony and I are finished.
by SsTtUu April 09, 2011

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