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n. - one who hangs around doing little or nothing. Synonymous with jerk off. Also "pulling one's pud".
Employee #1: What's Matt doing over there?
Employee #2: Oh, he's just pulling his pud.
Employee #1: What a pud puller!
by Mowatt boyyyyyyyyyy March 24, 2005
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this is for the super duper cuntblasting whore bags that will at the drop of a pin whip out your trouser snake and start yanking for some cream for her coffee! SPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!! right in her occular cavities!!!
look at the fuckin pud puller! extra cream for ya BITCH!
by SAL February 19, 2004
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A slow driver who pays attention to everything except driving.
"I was twenty minutes late for work because the pudpuller in front of me would not drive the speed limit."

by The Chins October 08, 2006
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