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Reverse Robin-Hood:
Essentially, steal from the poor, give to the rich. Enacted by a senile puppet in the 80's in the height of his delirium.
Tax Collector: That's ok, Mr. Trump, you can go, we'll just go shake down that hobo over there.
Trump: God, I LOVE Reaganomics!
by Sal November 10, 2003
One who gets so drunk that he loses consciousness and finds many different women attractive, while still managing not too puke.
Dude, you pulled a BMac!
by Sal February 25, 2003
A place where moslems go five times a day to pray to God Almighty.
On Friday, you can see a lot of people in a mosque, because its a Moslem Holy day.
by Sal June 14, 2004
a hot female musician
"that band would be alright if only they had a lyn z!"
by sal October 01, 2003
Slang term for cocaine
"Jose is all geeked up on yaho"
by Sal January 26, 2004
toe·net (bw.)
1 net, even tevoren
Ik pakte toenet een appel en gaf het aan mijn moeder.
by Sal August 25, 2003
Originated from Japanese Domestic Market. Pokes fun at people who play out JDM.
That is so gaydm.
by Sal April 29, 2004

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