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Interjection. Bullshit. Used to express disagreement.
Christian: "Where did Steve go? Where is he?"
Joe: "Why'd you have to go fuck HIM up for?"
Christian: "It was nothing. There was no reason for any of it."
Joe: "Oh, pucky! You had it out for him since day one. Now if you wanna know where he is, I wanna know why."
by stockman09 January 23, 2011
Long for Puck, i.e. Shakespeare character in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Also used by some people as a nickname given to them by their father. Not sure what the hell the dude is talking about above.
hey what's your name?
Pucky, you stupid sloppy....... ah forget it.
by Pucky Loucks May 01, 2008
The act of giving a blowjob whilst doing pushups. Pucky "Push-up Sucky"
Linda: Did you go tp the gym yesterday?
Natasha: No, but I did give Ricky a nice long pucky, so its the same thing.
Linda: OMG thats great!!
by VortexMaster January 13, 2016
pucky N. a tobacco spit cup. usually one made up of a plastic cup and napkin inside.
oh shit! i spilled my pucky on my new kicks.
by billy boyce April 19, 2009
a slang term for vagina see: pussy cunt etc. . .
"that's a sloppy pucky"
by fagbot December 11, 2004
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