when your hair looks like a black persons head or major beadhead
wow that dudes got major pubehead
by corychapman July 11, 2009
Top Definition
A head of hair that has a higher than normal amount of curls making the hair seem pubic
person 1 i have long hair
person 2 i have a pubehead
person 1 im so sorry!
by david. m. taylor October 01, 2007
1. Racial slur directed towards African Americans.

This racial slur came about when some teenagers discovered a question about pubic hair in the book "Do Penguins Have Knees?" by David Felman. In one section of the book, it explains that pubic hair is always curly because the hair is oval in shape and that this oval shape is the same reason Africans generally have curly hair, thus spawning the term "pube head."
New York is full of pube heads.
by Rocky Rhode October 20, 2007
Some one who has attempted to make there hair look naturally curly by using various fake and shitty products. The result is the hair often looks like pubes glued to the scalp.
God, Amber looks like a pube head.

Her hair is so shit it looks like that of a pube head.
by Jim McHorse June 03, 2008
When ones head hair resembles pubic hair.
Miles has a pube head
by Jebus The Bad Man. July 10, 2008
Someone that sports a afro so stupid, that it looks like they have pubes growing out of their skull.
Guy Sebastian
by GuySebastian January 27, 2004
A person with curly hair who looks as if they shaved their pubes, and glued them to their head. When kept short, pube heads usually are more difficult to identify. However, with an increase in length comes an increase in resemblance to a mound of pubes. Some common hair styles include the Pube Mullet, The Pube-Hawk, and my personal favorite, The Pube Fade, and more ingeniously, the Pube High Top Fade.

Please take note: Because of the striking similarities between pube heads and steel wool, it is not uncommon for Pube Heads to set off metal detectors, as well as often being asked to be an industrial cleaning tool for many school cafeterias.
"Damn andrew, that kid over there is really rocking the High Top pube fade....he is for sure going to get some pussy tonight."

"Yeah matt, that kid's name is Jack. He is a Pube Head for sure...but he does get laid often."

by HighTopPubeFade420 February 24, 2009

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