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Pronounced Pube Beard

1.) A Beard On Someones Face That Looks Like They Glued Pubes To Their Face

2.) Being Bald Everywhere Except For Around Your Genitals Where You Have Massive Amounts Of Hair Due To No Upkeep
Did You See The Pubeard On Wendy? It's Nasty, She Hasn't Shaved In Weeks
by Dean Krunkman October 29, 2007
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When a dude grows a beard, but it really just ends up looking scraggly and nasty, as if he had grown pubes on his chin instead of a manly beard. (Pronounced: pew-beard)
Dude, did you see the pubeard on John? He needs to shave that nasty shit right now!
by Kalzinder September 29, 2010

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