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the scraggly half-ass beard of a man with curly wiry hair
dude she really likes you... but you've gotta lose the pube face you got goin there
by Allah Ragbar February 25, 2008
19 7
Someone who has an ugly, pubic-like moustache
Person 1:OH MAN!! that guy should shave more often, he has such a pubeface!
Person 2:Yah he must be a wally
by Gumps December 21, 2005
5 0
A derogatory term used to denote Indians and Malaysians.
Damn. That Pubeface aced all his classes except Gym!
by whitefairyofdeath January 28, 2008
2 1
Someone who wants to grow a mustache but cant, so he glues his pubes to his face.
His mustache is frickin HUGE! It covers his entire face!!.... wait a minute.... Thats not a mustache at all!! It looks like more like a pube face
by DeuceBug November 20, 2008
6 7