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when your sitting at the dinner table and a black mccall comes to serve you a salad when really its a PUBE SALAD. in fact it is mccalls pubes and they smell like a wet burrito
wtf i didn't order a pube salad
by weezy f burlock August 15, 2008
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A large showing of pubes.
"She wants a pube salad, with some 'insert name's own' dressing"
by rnovak September 12, 2008
The time-honored tradition of a bachelor being brought up on stage at a Strip Club to have a stripper yank out his pubes and sprinkle them on his lips.
Nick got pulled up on stage at his bachelor party and the bitch gave him a delicious pube salad!
by Shank-the-tank February 01, 2009

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