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the scraggly half-ass beard of a man with curly wiry hair
dude she really likes you... but you've gotta lose the pube face you got goin there
by Allah Ragbar February 25, 2008
Someone who has an ugly, pubic-like moustache
Person 1:OH MAN!! that guy should shave more often, he has such a pubeface!
Person 2:Yah he must be a wally
by Gumps December 21, 2005
A derogatory term used to denote Indians and Malaysians.
Damn. That Pubeface aced all his classes except Gym!
by whitefairyofdeath January 28, 2008
Someone who wants to grow a mustache but cant, so he glues his pubes to his face.
His mustache is frickin HUGE! It covers his entire face!!.... wait a minute.... Thats not a mustache at all!! It looks like more like a pube face
by DeuceBug November 20, 2008
A teen with nasty facial hair all over their face and it all looks connected
"Stfu pubeface "
by JDADDY97 January 19, 2016

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