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Members of a game community that aren't in your particular private group. Usually seen as less desirable to play with.
We don't have enough players, we could always let some pubbies join.
by Roy Farlton July 03, 2007
Derogatory term used to describe anyone playing a multiplayer game that isn't a member of the Something Awful forums, typically goons treat them like lower class garbage and expose themselves as scumbag garbage in the process. While it can be great to grief the doucebag teens that plague online games goons have decided that even the average joe is worth being fucked with for laughs.

See also, The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street episode of The Twilight Zone
Those fucking pubbies wanting to play a game online let's grief em!
by SaQualityControl May 23, 2010
a rez dog
Cree-say goodnight to mah pubbie
Sandra-goodnight pubbie
by Cree KukII August 07, 2012
A word used by those of lesser intellect to describe other people in a game. Mostly used by people of a gay mormon website while they are stroking each others e-peen.
heI gyZ I a goon and u is all pubbies.
by friggin great February 06, 2009
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