Acronym for Parents Television Council. Founded in 1995 by Brent Bozell I, it claims to be the most influential child advocacy group. It is often criticized by athiest liberals, who, IMO have corrupt morals.
Conservative Christian: I just filed a complaint with the FCC today through the PTC Website!

Liberal Athiest: Who freakin' cared about them? They broke our first ammandment.

Conservative Christian: Oh, what corrupt morals you have!
by Mike211 June 04, 2007
Top Definition
Acronym for "popping the collar". A preppy fashion style in which one's collar is unfolded so it covers more of one's neck.
Sadeq equals ptc. enough said.
by ptc_child April 05, 2007
Paid To Click. An online business model where a consumer is paid to view an advertisement.
The botnet set up by his competitor drove up his ad costs with those fake websites set up in Mongolia. Even though it was much less than a penny per click those PTC frauds really add up!
by DiscGolferPro July 28, 2009
Post Tactical Chunder.

Referring to the time period after which you have tactically (i.e. forcing oneself) vomitted, due to alcohol - the tactical chunder.
Jen is PTC!
by jenogrady November 21, 2010
Abbreviation for Peachtree City, a city in Fayette County, Georgia (zip code 30269). Known as being the headquarters for the following companies/organizations: Copper Lighting, World Airways, Phi Mu Sorority, Hoshizaki Ice makers, and Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America (or PASA).
"I just moved to downtown Atlanta from PTC."
by GAstatepeach March 19, 2009
Pussy Trauma Center (PTC) is a more appropriate description of a monster hangover. Hangover is too soft for this type of boundary-less night of inebriation. Checking into the PTC requires a splitting headache and sometimes visit to the porcelain god after a multi-shot night of excess. It usually comes after mixing different liquors, beer, and/or wine. You can check in to the PTC for a few hours to a complete day. PTC staffers (if there were any) advise lots of water and caffeine. Hair of the dog is not suggested.
"Dude, I checked into the PTC. If I start doing multiple shots in the future, stop me."

"Awww. Are you in the PTC?"
"Yes, rude."
by BeatrixKiddo June 07, 2013
pigeon-toed cunt
usually named molly and are very rare. they also tend to be a lot of fun and good friends, they are closely related/good friends with the SBC. (sarcastic bitch cunt)
"ohh hey PTC"
by SBC mads May 19, 2009
acronym for the Poo Tang Clan; incorrectly used as a term for gangbanging African Americans who meet once a week and tell their stories involving Georgia Home Boy; but correctly it is a group of friends who label themselves as a clan to make others jealous, because people want in what they can't get into
The PTC kicks ass. 'nuff said.
by BTM Chaser September 20, 2004
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