Someone who has been through a profound psychadelic experience and while being in a normal state can remember and reflect on that experience and know that for just a few hours they really had it all figured out. 

A person who seeks a deeper understanding of what "IS" through psychadelic experiences.
Hey man, you are such a psychonaut.
by Arrr Teee February 11, 2012
Top Definition
A person who intelligently experiments with mind-altering chemicles, sometimes to the extent of taking exact measurements and keeping records of experiences.
"John is a complete psychonaut, last night he took 2c-i and now look at him melting away on who knows what with that notepad in his hand."
by Vega February 18, 2004
A person who explores, experiences, and studies their subconscious and reality through the use of hallucinogenic drugs. Many psychonauts also believe that hallucinogenic drugs have mystical and spiritual powers.
The psychonaut chomped on the mushrooms and wondered about eternity and love.
by Mandisa October 17, 2007
An explorer of one's own mind. A psychonaut often embarks on inner voyages with the aid of psychoactive substances, meditation, sensory deprivation, binaural beats, and other means. Most commonly, one who experiments with psychedelic substances, such as psilocybin, LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), peyote, or mescalin. The goal of the psychonaut is to learn about self and reality by transcending normal consciousness. Psychonauts are distinguished from purely recreational users of psychoactive substances in their desire to learn and grow from these experiences.
Rebecca considered herself to be a psychonaut, looking for new ways of understanding the world and herself each time she ate her homegrown magic mushrooms.
by Mark Twilight November 25, 2011
The best game ever made, unfortunately becuase it isn't Halo 3 or another Call of Duty it did not sell very well because gamers these days hate originality.
"You should buy Psychonauts, its the best game ever made and its really original!"

"Yeah but then I won't have enough money to buy some generic world war 2 game"
by Dinnerordie July 04, 2009
1. Noun: The best game of 2005 where you play as Razputin (But everyone calls him....Raz.) who is a young boy who ran away from his home in the circus to Whisper Rock Psychic Summer Camp. Raz has to use only his mental powers to find out and stop a horible plot that involves stealing brains and using them in a death tank to SHOOT DOWN INNOCENT CIVILIANS.

2. Noun: A person who is one of the Elite Force of the Psychonauts.
1. "Dude, have you played Psychonauts yet? It's like...The best platformer EVER."
"What sytem is it on?"
"PS2 and X-box."

2. "Sasha Nein is one of the three Psychonaut agents that teach in Whispering Rock."
by Tsukijuun August 06, 2005
One who explores human mind, often doing all kinds of wierd experiments and watching peoples' gestures, words, reactions very closely.
"He prepared all that just to see my reaction, damn that psychonaut!"
by Zmikavt October 16, 2006
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