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the act of driving by your ex's house after you've broken up to see if a new car is parked outside, or to see if they are home sulking over your break-up.
and psycho drive-by can be committed by you, your best friend, and in some instances, your parents.
I had a feeling Stephen was back with his ex, so I did a psycho drive-by and saw her car there!
by triciad October 28, 2007
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when a stalker drives by a person's whereabouts and double takes that locationa as they pass by, also can be done on skateboard, on foot ,on the local bus, or even (though tweaky)on a bicycle
i saw that weirdo on that psycho drive by ,so i think he might need a neck brace from all that robotic action used during that drive by
by jeanetteej November 15, 2007

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