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a hoe that acts in a psycho manner
that psyc-hoe is a total fucking spaz who burns all your shit after you break up with her
by nail-bat February 24, 2009
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A non-classy, insanely psychotic girl that is a stage 5 clinger to the men she hooks up with, which may include other girls' boyfriends. She has no pride whatsoever.
Joy hooks up with everyone's boyfriends and when they don't give her the attention she wants, she follows them around like a sad puppy. She runs after them when they walk away from her and begs for attention due to lack of pride and self-respect. She envies the girls who actually date guys instead of just hooking up with everyone else's, but she'll never admit that. She hates those girls whose boyfriends she hooked up with, when in reality, they never actually did anything to her. She is definitely a psychoe.
by Zique July 09, 2010
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A crazy bitch, psychotic hoe;girlfriend,wife etc.

One who exceeds the boundaries of sane. A psychotic bitch.
hey i saw someone keyed your car and slashed your tires !

Yea it was that chic michelle from the bar a few nights ago, she a psyc HOE !!!
by sinned661 October 21, 2014
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