V. The act of moving your hands in an outward motion as if swimming within the woman's vaginal area. Often used with a vulgar sound effect.
// \\
// \\
"Mmm, tasty! *pshpshpsh* Wait a moment, this tastes like piss."
by Jer March 29, 2005
Top Definition
(v) the slang term pshpshpsh often refers to- opening the woman's genital and pressing one's face into it. (Scenario One)- One man and one woman are having sex. The man pshpshpshs by putting his face into the woman's genital... Get it now? So, if I pshpshpshed on your mom, you would be pretty fucking mad? Eh, mate? Oh yeah by the way, your face will get wet.
I pshpshpshed Stephanie and then she died. Stepahnie is a porn start; however, she could not handle my skill... :)
by Peter OHHH March 28, 2005
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