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Somebody who strongly denies being a Nazi, yet believes all Jews must be exterminated and that Treblinka was a vacation spot. Identifiable by obsession with Jews and a tendency to link to creatively interpreted radar scans. This species may have different plumage than others of its type, preferring a profusion of American flags and crucifixes to the usual Swastikas, however it is speculated that they are actually closely related subspecies of Homo Dumbfuckus.
Pseudonazi: Only Jews are capable of committing evil. Their Talmud is full of satanic lies. Eg, the holohoax, which I can prove never happened because I have radar scans of Treblinka and you can't see any bodies!

Normal Person: Umm...I don't think that's really the Talmud. You just made that up. Oh, and that radar scan isn't really...

Pseudonazi: Jew! Jew! Jew! Quick, toss me some gasoline and rope!

Normal Person: *flees in terror*
by Mr. Normal April 28, 2007
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