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Being dumped by someone who didn't have grounds to dump you in the first place. Applies too, but not limited by any of the following scenarios:

1. You were NEVER actually dating to begin with
2. You were only fuck friends
3. It was apparent that the relationship wasn't working out and therefore no actual 'dumping' was necessary
4. You already dumped this person first
1. John to Samantha: I don't like you enough to pursue the relationship. Samantha to John: ummm John, you were never even in the running.

John pseudodumped Samantha.

2. Ron to Anne: This isn't going to work out, it's too early for me to not be thinking about you ALL the time. Anne to Ron: that's ok I was just using you for sex.

Ron pseudodumped Anne.

3. Mark and Laurie normally see eachother 2-3 times a week. They don't see eachother in a while and don't have sex on their last few dates. Neither of them is really attracted to the other anymore. Mark tells Laurie he's calling it quits. Laurie tells him, I stopped returning your calls weeks ago.

Mark pseudodumped Laurie.

4. Jim calls Julie to tell her he doesn't think this is going to work. Yet, Julie told him 2 weeks ago that for her it was over the day he told her he was seeing another woman

Jim pseudodumped Julie.
by NoStringsAttached February 09, 2011

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