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To fake one's death; to make others believe one has commited suicide
When John commited pseudocide, he watched the reports on his own death the next day.
by Tyler McBride October 06, 2007
An act of self-harm that is in no way intended to kill the harmee; the sort of attempt to express dissatisfaction with one's life that mental health professionals sometimes refer to as a 'cry for help', for example, Fall Out Boy lead singer Pete Wentz's overdose of the anti-depressant Atavan.
Elton John once committed pseudocide by sticking his head in a gas oven after putting out the pilot light.
by Amanda the Quirky One October 16, 2007
a fake suicide (mostly used for photography purposes or some sort of spiritual/symbolic means.
person1: "Hey i heard that chick in your math class killed herself."

person2: "Nah, it was just a pseudocide. The pics are on Myspace."
by Powers27 June 04, 2007
Deleting or removing an old screen name or email address.
Closing my AOL account was pseudocide, but at least my ex-girlfriend can no longer find me.
by LAblows April 17, 2009
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