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A person who acts like a slut; but as soon as anyone tries to do anything to her, she makes excuses not to.
Damn, Camden, Rosie is such a pseudoslut. She just slapped me for grabbing her ass--after she grabbed mine.
by B-ri,Chill February 01, 2009
a girl who...

*all her friends are sluts
*used to be nice and probably played sports, but then all her friends turned into skanks
*dresses slutty, with a dash of preppy in her clothes. too-tight A&F tanks, size 24 moto jeans, tiny thongs.
*doesn't have sex with guys like her slut friends, but who tortures all the guys into thinking she puts out
*dances like a slut
*drinks half a beer then pretends to be drunk so she can be fake-slutty then not have sex
Tim: Man, hannah and elise are such huge sluts! hannah has slept with like...everyone. and elise has...ahhh

Alex: Elise hasn't slept with anyone, because she is a cocktease pseudo slut!!!
by lillyismyfriend September 14, 2005
A person, usually female, who implies his or her sluttiness through frequent use of sexual innuendo, dirty jokes and provocative clothing but who, in actuality, has very little sexual experience.
Wilfred: Karen is such a slut, her boobs are always popping out of her shirt and she makes kissy faces at everyone.

Humphrey: Nah man, she's never even gotten to second base. She's just a Pseudo Slut.
by FreudsLeftBollock September 18, 2011
Someone you want to call a slut/bitch etc., but you can't because they aren't. You're just angry because you can't get with them
- She's such a slut

- She's hasn't had a boyfriend for months, she's not a slut

-you're right, *sigh*, she's a pseudo-slut

-I feel your pain, man, I feel pain
by DanMonkfish February 05, 2010
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